Improve your leadership skills – YML Learning Paths

Improve your leadership skills 

YML Learning Paths

Some members of the YML network, in collaboration with experts, have recently created two interesting digital Learning Paths: 

  1. The first path is entitled “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and, thanks to it, you can boost your creative thinking and acquire the basic skills to design a new product and a business model around it.
  2. In the second path, which is focused on “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion“, you will be able to learn how to become a fair and inclusive leader thanks to some practical advice and concrete actions.

The two Learning Paths are still unpublished, but you have the chance to try them out free of charge.

Each of them contains six digital nuggets, you can consume when you want at your own pace (estimated time: 3 h), and a final quiz. If you successfully complete the Learning Path, you’ll get an official certificate from EIT Manufacturing. 

To take advantage of the amazing opportunity to improve your leadership skills and obtain an official certificate that will push your career forward, please complete the form by 11 November 2022