YML STORIES | Your Story Matters

The YML Network cherishes about the insipiring stories of its memebrs


YML Stories | Your Story Matters, a set of videos where its members have the opportunity to share their experiences and how their careers have benefited from being part of the community and its network of diverse, international, and skilled individuals.

Along with YML’s seminars, workshops, contests, meetings and international events offered to the community throughout the year, YML Stories enables to exchange viewpoints and discover upcoming challenges, new technologies, and worldwide trends.


YML Milan City Hub member, Luca Torelli, EMEA Supply Chain Development Project Manager at EssilorLuxottica, joined the YML Network in 2022.

He was awarded for the 2022 World Manufacturing Report Contest during the YML Main Event. He was interviewed by Isidora Trucco, Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano and he says that being part of the multivariate, diversified and international community of the YML Network gave him the opportunity to discover more about the world of manufacturing like new trends and paradigms – and has played a crucial role for his professional growth.


YML Gothenburg City Hub members Greta Braun, Phd student; Clarissa Gonzalez, Phd Candidate; Paulo Victor Lopes, Operations Research Phd student; Smilla Emillson Wallerstedt, Project assisant from Chalmers University of Technology,  got the chance to reflect on how inspiring it has been to be part of the YML Network and in its initiatives like contests, workshops, international events, and how the networking activities have helped them create new connections from all over the world and grow in their professional career, get in contact with people both from the academia and the industry sectors.


YML Basque City Hub member and Founder, Elena Fernández Calvo, R&D Engineer at MESA – Schneider Electric,  shares her remarkable journey, achievements, and insights within the manufacturing industry and with the Basque City Hub. Elena’s passion for innovation and collaboration shines through her involvement in the creation of the YML Basque City hub, where she played a pivotal role in coordinating and participating in various activities. Notably, among the many acitivities, Elena contributed to the development the activity “Skating in Manufacturing” and recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity, Elena took part as a speaker in a thought-provoking roundtable discussion on “Women in Manufacturing and STEM Careers” during the YML Main Event 2021. Elena credits the YML network for its tremendous impact on her personal and professional journey. Through this vibrant community, she stays updated on trending topics, discovers young talents from different countries, and explores new technologies and paradigms in the manufacturing world.


Filipe Correia, a dedicated student at FEUP and a passionate member of YML since January 2023, was recently interviewed by Leonor Conego, a PhD student at FEUP and project leader at YML Porto City Hub. Filipe also plays a significant role in ACM, organizing activities and workshops for those interested in computer science, bridging the gap between ACM and YML. In the interview, Filipe highlighted YML’s transformative power for professional growth, offering unparalleled opportunities through activities, events, and mentorship programmes. He emphasized the collaborative nature of YML, facilitating networking and knowledge exchange with like-minded individuals. For Filipe, YML is more than just a student organization; it’s a vibrant community that encourages creativity, knowledge-sharing, and mutual inspiration. He looks forward to contributing further to YML’s mission and empowering others in the ever-evolving world. Overall, Filipe’s dedication exemplifies the impact of organizations like YML, driving meaningful change and advancements in people’s lives.


John Power, a PhD student at University College Dublin, and Andrew Dickson, the CTO and Founder of Infraprint, highlight the invaluable experience they’ve gained through their involvement with the YML Network. This opportunity has afforded them a remarkable insight into both the research endeavors and the professional landscape within the manufacturing sector across Europe. Moreover, they’ve had the privilege of forging new connections with like-minded individuals who share their passion and aspirations in this field.

Their engagement with the YML Network has not only broadened their network and opened up new avenues for professional growth but has also granted them the privilege of attending prestigious international events such as the World Manufacturing Forum. Their participation in such events has enabled them to contribute to global discussions on manufacturing, further fueling their enthusiasm for this ever-evolving sector in Europe.