YML SUMMIT 2023 | Recap

YML Summit took place on 28 November 2023 from the Auditorium in SDF (Treviglio)

The YML Network’s Summit 2023 concluded with a captivating and dynamic afternoon of insightful discussions and presentations within that tackled these topics from the point of view of Industry, Academia, and of course Young People from the grandeur of the auditorium at SDF in Treviglio.

The triumvirate of thought leaders—Diego Andreis, President of the World Manufacturing Foundation; Marco Taisch, Scientific Chairman of the World Manufacturing Foundation; and Paola Maria Fantini, Education Director at EIT Manufacturing—staterd up with the introduction, deftly highlighting the myriad challenges awaiting the denizens of tomorrow’s manufacturing landscape.

Guiding the audience into this intellectual sojourn, PhD student from Chalmers University Greta Braun extended a warm welcome to the YML community, a gathering of like-minded individuals fervently dedicated to innovation and fostering a resilient, human-centric industry. With her opening remarks, she paved the way for an afternoon brimming with panel discussions that delved into the realms of deep technologies, artificial intelligence, and clean technology.

The YML Summit was held in the side-lines of the World Manufacturing Forum, an initiative by the WM Foundation. The 2023 edition of the WM Forum discussed the pivotal importance of “New Business Models for the Manufacturing of the Future”.

Meet the winners of the YML Contests!

YML Contest for the 2023 World Manufacturing Report

David Romero, Scientific Vice-Chairman at the World Manufacturing Foundation and Antonella D’Urso, Project and Event officer at the World Manufacturing Foundation, awarded the best 4 case studies that were also published in the 2023 World Manufacturing Report New Business Models for the Manufacturing of the Future.

Sandra Jaksic for her essay “Achieving Sustainable and Resilient Business Models through Three Strategic Shifts”.

Patrick Bründl for his essay “Enhancing Sustainability and Resilience
through Business Model Innovation for Electrical Engineering SMEs”.

Aikaterini Paraskevopoulou for her essay “Reshaping Manufacturing Business Models: A Holistic Approach towards Sustainability”.

Emanuele Della Corte for his essay “Addressing Sustainability Goals through Deep Tech-Driven Business Models: a Collaborative Approach to Innovation in Manufacturing”.

YML European Innovation Contest: Youth in Action for Industry 5.0

Lucie Hlavůňková, Student at Czech Technical University in Prague, Valeria Tirelli, CEO at AIDRO and Coordinator of Women in 3D Printing and Ilaria Ardizzoia, co-owner, 3ntr Additive Manufacturing System and Women in 3D Printing awarded the winners of the YML European Innovation Contest: Youth in Action for Industry 5.0

Agnes Andersson and Caroline Mathiesen with the project “Escape the resistance against technology in Industry 5.0”, Luca Torelli with the project: “Augmented Intelligence Workstations” and Dr. Elisa Roth and Mirco Möncks with the project “Microlearning: Upskilling in the Flow of Work”.

Andrea Maniscalchi with the project: “Harmonizing sustainability and efficiency: a new era for renewable energy communities”.

Samantha Grillenzoni and Laura Oggionni with the project “SAFE”.

Focus Group on Additive Manufacturing technologies for space applications:

Alessio Fino, Studdent at Politecnico di Torino, and a dynamic representative of the YML Network, spearheaded a recent focus group on Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications, aiming to share groundbreaking insights. This initiative has resulted in the creation of two comprehensive whitepapers that delve into the vast potential of additive manufacturing in space, that were also presented during the YML summit.


In addition to the Keynote: “Out-of-the-Ordinary Business Models to Attract and Retain Talent in Manufacturing“, presented by Alessandro Somaschini, National Vice President, Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria, the YML Network’s Summit 2023 featured two impactful panels:

  1. Panel I: “Deep Technologies and Young Manufacturing Leaders: Smartifying the Next Generation Workforce”
  2. Panel II: “Clean Technologies and Young Manufacturing Leaders: Saving Our Planet Together”

Panel I delved into cutting-edge technologies shaping manufacturing’s future, emphasizing the role of young leaders, with Elisa Roth, Co-Founder, Augmented Industries
Liliana Antão, 
Data Scientist at DEUS.ai and Joe El Khouri, EIT Manufacturing Master Student, University of Trento and Erika Rastelli, Vice President, European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs. Panel II focused on sustainability, discussing how the industry can contribute to environmental conservation and featured: Federica Acerbi, Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano
Andrew Dickson, Founder & CEO, Infraprint Technologies, Yohan Parsa, R&D Director, ROSI Solar and Jon Duo, Senior Engineer, Satlantis

Both panels highlighted innovation, leadership, and a commitment to a smart, sustainable, and technologically-driven future.

As the curtains fell on the YML Summit 2023, it left an indelible imprint, fostering optimism and a renewed commitment to advancing sustainable and innovative manufacturing practices for the benefit of generations to come.